Anna DelBon Masucci - Nature Art

Adventures Nurtured into Nature Art

Adventures Nurtured into Nature Art

Adventures Nurtured into Nature ArtAdventures Nurtured into Nature Art
California wildflower watercolor painting by nature art glass artist

Combining inspirations from adventures in nature with art to bring you nature art expressions of glass & watercolor paintings

Anna DelBon Masucci, Artist


The art process for Anna begins outside her New Mexico studio surrounded by nature. Photographs capture scenery, plants and even rocks while out hiking. These images, combined with watercolor studies, continue the expressive path towards glass art pieces and watercolor paintings. 

The Glass Pieces

Anna DelBon Masucci nature artist at the kiln creating handcrafted glass home decor gifts

Anna was drawn to the role science plays in the glass process. By combining design elements and kiln-formed glass techniques with gravity, each of Anna's glass pieces evoke an organic quality reflective in nature. These pieces are shaped into their final form using ceramic molds also created by Anna in the studio using clay, making her glass art completely handcrafted works.

The Watercolor Paintings

Anna DelBon Masucci nature artist in her studio painting in watercolors

Picking up a brush has always put Anna in that happy place that's a close tie with a good hike. Watercolor painting was rekindled for Anna while creating sketches for her glass pieces. Her fascination with the color play and  movement of these vibrant watercolor pigments onto paper has bloomed into an additional medium for expressing her love of nature. 

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